Why Sell With LAMA

Simply put, we get the best prices for Modern Art and Design.

LAMA has become the auction house of choice for all things Modern. Our venue has earned a reputation for achieving some of the highest prices for Modern Art and Design, whether it is a local, national, or international work. With one of the highest sell-through rates in the business (since 2014 the sell-through rate has gone up to over 85%), LAMA excels in attaining for you the highest price, whether consigning an individual item or an entire estate.

We offer risk-free, competitive commission for the consignor.

The commission we charge is based on the value of the consignment and designed to maximize the consignor’s return on their investment. This all-inclusive flat rate is aggressively competitive with other auction houses, and is therefore one of the lowest in the business.

In the unlikely event that your piece does not sell, there is no commission charged, which translates to no risk to you, the consignor. Most other auction houses charge as much as an 8% buy-in fee. If your piece does not sell, we do not charge you. Essentially, you have nothing to lose.

Likewise, there are no other hidden fees: no advertising fees, no photography or illustration fees, and no cataloging or research fees.

Our specialized marketing gets results.

LAMA’s marketing department selectively advertises in the most effective outlets, all at our expense. Targeted print and internet advertisements reach high-end collectors, while the newsworthiness of the auction itself and the items therein attract extensive coverage in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. In addition to our advertisements, media coverage, and catalogue, we personally reach out to prospective buyers through various methods: we maintain a constant presence at modern trade shows around the country, participate in panel discussions, collaborate with prominent interior designers, curate shows at cultural institutions, and participate in local art events. This specialized media attention has led to a large and steady influx of new fans–and new buyers. LAMA is a global marketplace.

February 23, 2014 Modern Art & Design Auction, LAMA Showroom, Ruth Asawa and George Nakashima designs. Photo credit: Noe Montes

Our service is tailored to your needs.

With LAMA, you, the consignor will enjoy the prestige, reach, and price-realizing capacities of the big box auction houses without having to worry that you or your consignments are being lost in the shuffle of a large corporation. We will work with the consignor to ensure that the selling process meets individual needs, addressing each consignment on a case-by-case basis.

The LAMA Brand

Because LAMA is extremely selective about the works of art and design it places in its auctions, collectors from all over the world come to us first when looking for the most pristine, unique, and iconic examples of 20th century Modern Art & Design. Our love of the form has also inspired us to launch new concepts and practices that have influenced other companies and have become industry standards. Through our expert curation and innovative approach, we have become the seal of approval for Modern Art and Design’s most discerning buyers.

Contact us today for a free, confidential market evaluation of your valuables.